Printed Photos
sent to loved ones!

Sendy is a text message assistant that automatically prints and sends photos of memorable moments each month!
Text Sendy!

Sendy helps you share special memories.

Answer a few simple questions, and upload your images by texting Sendy. We print and ship 4x6 photos to you or a loved one.

Great for:
Sending photos of the kids to grandparents
Military friends/family or care packages
College kids away from home
Just miss having photo albums of memories
Text Sendy

What Sendy does.

We ship classic printed 4"x6" photos, perfect for framing, albums, and the fridge. You just text us your photos and hard-copy prints arrive in the mail every month, like magic.

Sendy Assistant

Sendy Assistant is there 24/7 to receive your photos. Simply text your photos to your Sendy Assistant each month. No apps, no website, no transferring photos. Text it, and forget it.

Printing Assistant

Every month Sendy hands over the images to our printer partner who prints and ships your photos to you or your loved one on your behalf.

Photos = Memories

Never let a loved one feel left out on important memories! Put your memory-making on auto-pilot with one of our subscription plans.

No App Needed!

With Sendy Photo, there is no app to download. It does everything through your standard text messaging app.

No Spying.  
No Ads.  
No Location Tracking.  
No App updates.

Just your pictures, delivered.

Put your memories on Autopilot

Don't let your photos disappear into cyberspace